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Everybody has heard the term “staging” but what does it really mean?

Staging is the preparation of a property for sale to increase its competitive advantage in the Real Estate marketplace. Staging is a process where we work with homeowners, investors, builders and renovators to showcase the home’s best features to ensure the online presentation as well as in-person visits create the absolute best experience for buyers.

Technology and access to online pictures, has dramatically changed the way people research and decide if they want to see a property. Most buyers will view their potential new home online before deciding which ones to visit.

This means that having a PICTURE PERFECT property is essential to attract the most available buyers.

Not only do people have an emotional reaction to colour, they also have a psychological and physical response when a room doesn’t feel right. When spaces are too small, too dark or over cluttered, this creates tension and a sense of being overwhelmed. This will deter a potential buyer from seeing the room’s potential. Hiring a stager can turn uninviting spaces into harmonious and tranquil rooms, that buyers can see themselves living in.

What do young professionals and young families want to see?

Most buyers want to see a turnkey property that is ready to move in. They don’t want to see a lot of clutter or dated furniture. According to the Canadian Certified Staging Professionals, today’s buyers want to see freshly painted walls, current flooring (i.e. hardwood throughout) and a property that offers organized storage solutions.

First impressions sell homes.

Did you know that potential buyers will make a decision whether or not to purchase your property within the first 15 seconds of entering? Creating the most appealing site lines as soon as you enter is a necessity. Staging your home will provide your potential buyers with the “wow factor” as soon as they open your front door

How Much Does Staging Cost?

This is one of the most common questions asked by my sellers and Agents.
The honest answer is, I don’t know…YET!

  • In order to prepare a quote for Staging, a visit to the property is essential to ensure the staging directly reflects the property. This is extremely important as the room dimensions, the layout, window placement, style of the home and finishes ALL play a role in determining what furniture, artwork, bedding, lighting and accessories are used.
  • A tour of the property will ensure that each recommended piece suits the space, will bring all the best features of the home into focus, and give it that WOW factor that everyone wants. Who doesn’t love an HGTV reveal?
  • After the visit, a full Proposal will be provided which indicates the inventory, the Moving and transportation fees as well as the Showcasing (and removal) costs associated with staging the property.
  • As every property is different, the answer is we don’t know yet. But we would be happy to take a look and give you an exact answer. Just give us a call 613-808-0696.