As a vacant home or property no longer has any furnishings to excite the Buyer, the fixed assets of the home (flooring, cabinetry, countertops, etc…) become the primary focus. If the property has been lived in or tenanted, normal wear and tear issues should be addressed.

A Vacant Staging Consultation provides information and guidance to the seller as to how to present a Vacant home, along with a Paint Colour Consultation to ensure all the best features of the property are highlighted, along with a fresh new feeling that shows its best online but also in-person.

Standard Vacant Consultation

Vacant Staging Consultation Fee $250 (within the Ottawa Area + Standard property).

Furniture & Accessory Rentals – Proposal & Staging Plan

How often have you walked into a completely empty room and were blown away by how beautiful it was? Not many people can envision their Family room sectional, or their beloved dining room set in a space, unless you can demonstrate furniture placement and bring function to otherwise empty rooms. 

Part of Staging is understanding the importance of an emotional connection to a space and how that translates to offers. When you can evoke a feeling, an emotion or better yet the ability of the Buyer to see themselves living in a space, this connection is directly related to the desire of the Buyer to purchase a property that brings them that much excitement.

By having Restyled Spaces & Home Staging Company create a customized Staging & Showcasing Plan, all the guesswork is removed as we showcase the property at its absolute best.

Vacant Staging Proposal

Vacant Staging Proposal $250 (within the Ottawa Area + Standard property).

If Sellers proceed with the Staging & Showcasing, this fee is waived. If the Staging & Showcasing Plan is not purchased, the $175 Proposal Fee is due upon receipt.

A Vacant Staging Plan begins with a visit to the property

Within 48 hours, a detailed Staging & Showcasing Plan will be created which includes:

  • a detailed list of furniture, accessories, artwork (incl. colours, styles, and overall look) best suited for the property based on factors determined in site visit;
  • fees associated with transporting the inventory (both move-in and move-out) costs for the time to showcase & set up the property for pictures, as well as packing-up and removal of the inventory.
  • An excel spreadsheet will be sent detailing the full cost for the project

How much does it cost and how does it work? 

Pricing ($) is dependent on a number of factors as follows:

  • the # of rooms being staged, the # of items being rented, and duration of the rental (30 days or 3 months)
  • transportation & moving of the inventory 
  • Packing & sourcing of the inventory
  • Set up (showcasing) and removal of the inventory (when the house is sold)

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