8 Home staging Tips that will get Great Return for the Investment

Guest room is transformed

1. Editing, Packing and Organizing – according to a recent survey, every box of clutter removed from a home can put as much as $600 in the seller`s pocket. So get packing!
2. Cleaning – a clean home is the sign of a well maintained home.
3. Replacing outdated rugs & flooring – replace with new hardwood or ceramic tiles.
4. Refinishing hardwood – having the old, worn floors refinished can be very economic but still give a huge impact and set the tone for entire house.
5. Paint – this can be the least expensive but most dramatic upgrade a homeowner can do. If paint colours are chosen to compliment the fixed assets in the home, it can create a continuity in the décor. Using a Certified Professional Stager to help choose the paint colours is a sound investment in time and money.
6. New Lighting – upgrade those old, dim lights with new, bright and energy efficient lighting.
7. New Hardware in the Kitchen – spruce up your kitchen with changing out the old hardware with new, on-trend hardware to give the kitchen a more modern feel.
8. Replace Countertops, Sinks & Faucets – there are so many inexpensive options that can completely change the look of the kitchens & bathrooms.