Consultations for Occupied and Vacant Properties

Before an occupied home is ready to hit the market in the greater Ottawa area, there are a number of things that need to be considered during the preparation process. A consultation with Restyled Spaces & Home Staging Company is an opportunity to create an irresistible property for potential new home buyers. The consultation starts with a visit to the property and begins with evaluating the home’s curb appeal. By understanding the influences in the neighbourhood and knowing who the new buyers for this property will likely be, as we walk through each room of the home and into the backyard, we create a staging plan that encompasses many different factors to increase it’s showing potential. After the initial visit, the homeowners and Agents receive a detailed report that includes recommendations and suggestions on how to showcase the property’s best assets and create an inviting space. Our consultation provides hands-on training to the homeowner on how to arrange accessories, place art-work, arrange bedding and offers detailed information about tricks and fixes that are simple & affordable. Usually the biggest investment is time; not money.

As Vacant Properties don’t have any furnishings to distract the buyer, the fixed assets of the home are focused on primarily. Often times in older homes the floors, walls, ceilings, cabinetry and countertops might need to be spruced up and made to look fresh again. The consultation (as part of the Vacant Staging Assessment report) offers the seller suggestions on colour choices best suited for their fixed assets, lighting options, kitchen and flooring updates, and other affordable ways to make their property stand out from the rest.

Furniture Rental and Accessory Sourcing

Occupied Properties – Restyled Spaces & Home Staging Company work with the leading furniture rental companies in the Ottawa area to offer cost effective alternatives when showcasing a home. As over 90% of buyers can’t envision the potential of a space, it’s important to select and arrange furniture of proper style, proportion and scale for the room to give it a clear function. By making this small change, a potential home buyer can see how that space would work for them and their family.

Vacant Properties often need furniture and accessories to demonstrate to buyers on how they could live in that space. From a small side table, to a full dining room set, we can find a solution and stage the home beautifully. Costing is dependent on amount of items being rented – a full spreadsheet will accompany all inventory rentals detailing each item and associated costs. Furniture and accessories are rented on a monthly basis until the property is sold.

Restyled Spaces & Home Staging Company’s job is to know where to go! If it’s looking for the best deal on flooring, tiles, wall coverings, paint, cabinet hardware or any other material or accessory, we’re you’re one stop shop. Too busy to look around, travel to the various stores, order and pick up the products? No worries, Restyled Spaces & Home Staging Company can take away the stress and handle the entire process from beginning to end.

Showcasing Services for Occupied and Vacant Properties

After the recommendations have been completed and the property is about to be photographed, Restyled Spaces & Home Staging Company will re-visit the property and go through each room to review the changes and determine how the rooms should be presented. This could entail angling furniture, placing artwork, changing out mismatched light bulbs, fixing curtains, angling items, creating vignettes, arranging bedding and layering accessories. Our goal is to create visual interest and give the space personality as set out in the Staging Plan. The showcasing service offers the homeowner an objective eye and teaches them how to showcase their home for all future showings and Open Houses.

Vacant properties don’t make money! Showcasing of Vacant Properties entails moving all the rented furniture, bedding, accessories and artwork, and showcasing each room based on the Vacant Staging Assessment report. Depending on the size of the property, pricing for this can range tremendously. For example a typical 3-bedroom home with a finished basement will take 7-8 hours to place and arrange all the items. This includes travel to and from the furniture rental facility and to the property being staged. As no two properties or circumstances are alike, a specific & tailored report would be created to identify the issues and offer cost effective solutions to get the property sold. How long can you carry the monthly costs of your vacant property? Investing in showcasing is likely less than 3 months of those carrying costs.

Recommended Tradespeople

We also have a large database of highly recommended Contractors to assist in making the recommended changes needed. Our trusted contractors will provide competitive quotes so our clients can make informed decisions about their upgrades all while keeping on schedule to get their Property market ready. This is a free of charge service we are pleased to provide.

Project Management Services

If the property requires some TLC, Restyled Spaces & Home Staging Company can manage the entire project by offering the following project management services:

  • Work with homeowner to create the total renovation plan and budget;
  • Recommend and review quotes from qualified and licensed tradespeople;
  • Source hardware, flooring, lighting, bathroom fixtures, furniture and accessories;
  • Provide supervision of installation of materials;
  • Ensure overall project is being completed on schedule and within Homeowner’s budget.

Styling Services

Do you want to love the space you live in, but want to make some changes and don’t know how to go about it? Give Restyled Spaces & Home Staging Company a call. Today’s families look very different than they did 25 years ago. Blended families bring different styles of furniture into one space and sometimes don’t look right together. Or if you want to bring a sense of “you” back into the space, I can help you achieve that feeling again. With countless cost-effective techiques up my sleeves, we can completely transform your space and it won’t cost a fortune doing it. Anything from changing the overall look and feel of a room, colour and fabric recommendations, storage and organization options, to bathroom make-overs, it’s possible to bring that dream to reality. I have helped many clients create a space they love to be in. Isn’t that what it’s all about?