Jeannie W, Ottawa, ON

“I approached Heather from Restyled Spaces & Home Staging Company because I was looking for some ideas to update my 2 bathrooms; our main bath for our 9 & 6-year-old boys and our master bedroom Ensuite”. Working fulltime and being a mom of 2 boys I felt I didn’t have the time or a lot of extra money to invest in a full on renovation but desperately wanted and needed a change to the bathrooms.

Restyled Spaces & Home Staging Company was able to help me by making the process not so overwhelming. Heather was able to offer me great ideas that fit within a very reasonable budget and not require a lot of time or energy. Heather offered advice on selecting new paint colours, & solutions on how to update our medicine cabinets. She had an overall vision as to what to change; cabinet hardware, towel hooks, new shower curtains, light fixtures and mirrors.

One thing I really like was her commitment to the project. She was very professional, she did the “dirty work,” went out on her own to look for ideas based on things we had talked about in our initial meeting of what I’d like the bathrooms to look like. She listened to my ideas, offered suggestions and was able to fulfill the vision I had to update both bathrooms. I have to say she even spent her birthday, out shopping with me to help me select the things that brought the bathrooms to life!!

I found the experience to be VERY positive and gratifying. Heather was always there if I needed some help and advice. She seemed to put me first and took the “job” on full speed. She seemed very passionate and eager to help me create the new spaces I was looking for. Heather wasn’t satisfied until she knew I was completely happy with the new spaces.

I would highly recommend Restyled Spaces & Home Staging Company to anyone who is feeling overwhelmed and just doesn’t know where to begin. If you are looking for some simple ideas just to refresh a room, a quick fix or even a more elaborate change, I would suggest Heather to help inspire you and get you started with a new look for any size space. Restyled Spaces & Home Staging Company can help you achieve the look your hoping for and make your new space a reality! Heather was amazing at just listening to me and my ideas and walking me through the process one step at a time. She saw the project through from beginning to end showing interest and heart the whole way through.”

Jeannie W, Ottawa, ON