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  • Top 5 Mistaken Assumptions that Homeowner’s Make when Selling a Home


    1. That their home will sell as-is without any preparation such as de-cluttering, freshening paint, tidying spaces – inside and out;
    2. That buyers will pay top dollar for the privilege of completing unfinished jobs or re-doing DIY handiwork;
    3. That buyers will love their old wallpaper;
    4. They buyers will appreciate light fixtures dating back to the 80;
    5. That buyers can see past their stuff

    Take a look at our Portfolio page to see some Before and After Photos.

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  • 8 Home staging Tips that will get Great Return for the Investment

    Guest room is transformed

    1. Editing, Packing and Organizing – according to a recent survey, every box of clutter removed from a home can put as much as $600 in the seller`s pocket. So get packing!
    2. Cleaning – a clean home is the sign of a well maintained home.
    3. Replacing outdated rugs & flooring – replace with new hardwood or ceramic tiles.
    4. Refinishing hardwood – having the old, worn floors refinished can be very economic but still give a huge impact and set the tone for entire house.
    5. Paint – this can be the least expensive but most dramatic upgrade a homeowner can do. If paint colours are chosen to compliment the fixed assets in the home, it can create a continuity in the décor. Using a Certified Professional Stager to help choose the paint colours is a sound investment in time and money.
    6. New Lighting – upgrade those old, dim lights with new, bright and energy efficient lighting.
    7. New Hardware in the Kitchen – spruce up your kitchen with changing out the old hardware with new, on-trend hardware to give the kitchen a more modern feel.
    8. Replace Countertops, Sinks & Faucets – there are so many inexpensive options that can completely change the look of the kitchens & bathrooms.

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  • The hottest trends in accessories and decor for 2016

    Want to know some of the hottest trends in accessories and decor for 2016?

    Pinterest announced that bedrooms continue to use black & white elements with a touch of organic feel, colourful & bright graphic pillows for your family room and the use of geometric tiles on your backsplash or bathroom floors will spice up your space through these drab Winter months. Oh, and have fun with it!

    12654613_445768292279426_5032535308165695444_n   12654634_445768288946093_2697218084827673228_n  12669487_445768442279411_9207889160780329225_n 12670599_445768445612744_7560623227757849199_n 12710868_445768328946089_4751616175550209637_o

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