Bedroom - Before

The compact Guest room in this traditional home lacked character and colour.

Bedroom - After

By adding colour, texture, and some reflective elements, this Guest room is transformed into an inviting space that buyers can envision welcoming their family into.

Bedroom 2 - Before

This young teenager's room didn't have a set colour scheme.

Bedroom 2 - After

By pulling in the yellow colour that we introduced throughout the rest of the house, we created flow and continuity from one room to the next. Then by adding some much needed storage, we created a welcoming space that highlighted the wonderful hardwood floors and the spaciousness of the room.

Kitchen - Before

This busy family’s kitchen had wonderful natural light, but felt overcrowded and lacked storage.

Kitchen - After

After removing some of the excess furniture and adding in of a few touches of colour, the space became more inviting and looked even bigger than it did before. Having a place for everything to hide away ranked #3 of most important features in a home.

Bedroom 3 - Before

Before this room felt as though nothing really fit together.

Bedroom 3 - After

This young boy's room lets the natural light shine in, while still being spacious and warm. Your eye is drawn to the window with strategic placement of furniture and accessories.

Family Living Room

Multi-purpose rooms can feel overcrowded and overwhelming. You couldn't see all the great features of the room as they were hidden.

Family Living Room

By indentifying the true function of this room, and by decluttering, playing with angles and light, this family room showcased the homes's most desirable assets; the gorgeous hardwood floors and huge patio doors.

Transitional Living Room

This living room had lovely dark hardwood floors and a great neutral palette, but the furniture didn't fit the modern space and felt dark.

Transitional Living Room

With the addition of lighter furniture and artwork, the room is light and welcoming.

Bathroom Renovation - Before

This bathroom had cranberry 2x2 tiles, and pink and white tiles in the bathtub surround. It needed to be updated but the layout was good.

Bathroom Renovation - After

By keeping the existing vanity but changing the floor and bath tiles, it created a serene space that today's homeowners are looking for.

Kitchen Renovation - Before

This kitchen was closed off and lacked any personality or charm.

Kitchen Renovation - After

By knocking down the wall between the kitchen and dining room and changing the flooring and cabinet doors, it created a open concept floor plan that most buyers are wanting in today's market.